File Naming Conventions for Movie Titles in Infuse ATV

In Infuse on ATV2 I have a number of movie titles (m4v) that end up in the “other” folder instead of the “Movies” folder.  I believe this is due to naming issues.  In one case I have two movies that have the same title name so I have to use different filenames, etc.   I have seen the naming conventions for TV shows and am wondering if there is a similar help page on the proper naming for movie titles.  Here are some challenges: 

Two movies have same name but of course released in different years. 

A single movie title has two parts.

I have tried putting these variations in different folders but then Infuse 2.2 for IOS shows folders - ugh.   I suspect there is a naming convention for movies I just haven’t been able to locate it yet. 


Put the release year in brackets after the film name, eg

Film Name (2014).m4v