File naming and additional installs

Hello Firecore users!

I’ve been eyeballing this app for a while now, and I’m about to jump the boat on it :slight_smile:  I do have a few questions I couldn’t find an answer to so far, so I’m hoping someone here can help me out with that.

After jailbreaking and installing ATV Flash, do you need to install anything else in order to get it working with AVI’s and NAS-connecting and stuff? The thing is, The main thing I’m hoping to use the ATV for is my movie collection that’s currently residing on my Time Capsule, but I’m not sure if Jailbreak+aTV Flash is all I need in order to (a) get access to my Time Capsule directly and (b) get meta-data support. (The reason I’m asking is because I also see an app here called “Media Player”) :slight_smile:

My second question, is wether the meta-data will grab the original names or the file names. Currently apps like Plex and Boxee grab my file name “Fast_Five_(2011) DVD Rip”, and simply convert is to “Fast Five” for me, including cover art and all that fun stuff… does ATV Flash’s meta-data support do the same thing?

Many thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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HI Joram,

I have been using ATV Flash for a while and yes it will play most .AVI’s, it will even play my MKV’s, MP4’s etc without a problem. I have a NAS where my library resides and it connects to that no issue and streams the media. The jail breaking for me was a bit of a pain took several attempts but once I got it it was a breeze to set up. Media Player is included in the ATV flash install and is what you use to play your movies. There are several other optional installs that you can perform including XBMC if you prefer that interface and the nice thing is that the installs are all done within the ATV interface, you select the extras that you want and it will fetch them and install them. Updates to the media player and other extras are done the same way.

As for the scrapers, the only issue that I have with it is it does take several seconds to gather the data each time you select a movie. This I fell is a limitation of the ATV and not the Firecore software since there is no real storage for the movie metadata on the ATV. But I have my file names similar to your example and for the most part it does a great job of pulling the correct movie data.

It would be nice if Firecore could exploit the network connectivity for the scraping and set up a database on a shared computer on the network for the movie metadata information as an option. This way much like MiRow it can go out and scrape the data and bring it down to the shared computer for storage and just access it from there. I think that this would be much faster, if this is possible.


Fantastic! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Too bad you can’t simply plug in a USB-disk or stick or something to host all the metadata such as the correct names and DVD-art and stuff… that would be really great. Manually converting the names to avoid the “Vampire.Diaries.S02E02.iMaGe.avi” type of names isn’t really a problem, but it would be nice if we (like you said) didn’t have to see the file-extensions or all the dots or underscores.

I’m guessing that this also doesn’t work if you install XBMC on your ATV? I mean, if it doesn’t have a place to store the information it’s not going to work whatever you use right? :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for the response… say, do you happen to know what the 1-year subscription is about when you buy Firecore? Does it simply mean 1-year of free updates, or will Firecore stop working after that 1 year? :slight_smile:

Cheers, Joram