File names

Hi all… I am a noob here, so please forgive me if this is ion the wrong part of the forum.

I am wondering, if I purchase ATVFlash, and use it so that the ATV accesses files over my network on a NAS without running itunes, will the files appear on the AppleTV as the file name (i.e. the way they appear in Finder) or will they appear as they have been formatted for use in iTunes (i.e. not the file name, but rather with the details as they appear in iTunes - episode, tv show, etc)? :slight_smile:

They will appear with the file names, not the ID3 tags or the meta data in the file. Now if you are talking about movies and tv shows, you can use Sapphire to recognize the video files and put poster artwork on them and have them show up as the actual names of the movies or tv shows. I hope this answers the question, if not feel free to ask more questions here.