File Management

Just discovered that while deleting a video file that has been in storage for some time using the iPadOS Files app, the space occupied by that file is claimed by ‘System Storage’ on the operating system and there is no change in the free space. However, disabling the Files app and deleting local files from within the app frees the space immediately. Any explanation as to why that is? I am currently running iPadOS 16.

iOS storage management is a bit different than a computer and it has always retained storage longer, at least according to available storage in settings. This isn’t new behavior and there isn’t an easy way to update it. Sometimes a restart will work though.

Do you see any files in the Recently Deleted section?

The Recently deleted section is totally empty. For now, I think I did resolve the problem by disabling the files app, so the only way to delete something now is from within the app itself. Just checking whether someone else noticed if deleting from the files app was not reclaiming the storage.

I did try restarting. But still, ‘System Storage’ shows an increase by about the size of the same file I deleted using the Files app. No change in remaining free space.