File management doesn't work with local files

After turning on the file management option in the setting, the ‘delete’ button only shown if connecting to a remote source (emby, plex, etc). However, if using infuse purely to manage the local media files from the Mac, the delete button could not be found under the dropdown menu. If adding local files when connecting to the remote, the local files also has ‘delete’ option, but after removing the remote source and restart the app, the ‘delete’ option gone.

Infuse version 7.4.10 macOS

I’ve still got the menu option to delete with my local shares (via Time Capsule) with 7.4.10 on my Mac M2.

It’s nice you can have the control on local files.
I don’t have a Time Capsule, doesn’t it act some how as a remote server or NAS?

How does the dropdown menu look like in your setup? Do you have ‘delete’ and ‘show in finder’ buttons at the same time?

What type of item are you right-clicking on? Is this something like a TV series, collection, or playlist?

How were the local files added to Infuse on your Mac?

If you place a video into the Infuse folder located inside your Movies folder, do you see the option to delete with that item?

Sorry, I was thinking local network vs. in the cloud.
I didn’t check on the device, sorry.

I have a Time Capsule (pretty cheap on eBay) with a few 8TB drives plugged it. Then I access it from the Apple TV.

I don’t watch on the Mac, but I have Infuse on it just to have an index of my library with me.


I’m clicking on the ‘More Options’ icon (dropdown menu) on a movie detail page.

To reproduce:

  1. Install infuse 7 from Mac app store
  2. Open infuse → turn on the file management in the setting → turn off iCloud sync.
  3. From Home, Click ‘Add Files’ → ‘Add Local Files’ → choose a folder with path ‘~/Downloads/Lib’
  4. Go back to the Home and click the newly added movie to open the movie detail page.
  5. Click the ‘More Options’ icon on the top right, now it has delete option as expected.
  6. Restart infuse and go to the movie detail page, now the ‘delete’ option no longer existed.

More Info:
Apple MacBook Pro M2 Pro

Lib folder structure:

├─ SampleMovie/
│  ├─ SampleMovie.mp4
│  ├─ SampleMovie.nfo
│  ├─ poster.jpg
│  ├─ fanart.jpg

Hi, just noticed this line.
Yes, Videos in the ~/Movies/infuse work fine. I can see the delete option for them after a restart.
Files in/out of the ~/Movies/infuse folder appear to have inconsistent behavior.