File location

Where can I find the “Are you listening” file in the attached image? As far as I know I select a bunch of directories in the Library tab of the Settings, not a single file…

So I wonder where this file is as I either want to move or delete it

You can watch or delete it from this very screen - long press, or click and then click the three dots.
This is where files appear when you have downloaded them.

You can also see the file in the Files App in “On my iPad”/Infuse.
You need to enable the check for each favorite (it is by default) in the Infuse/settings/library panel, then let Infuse scan tor media - they will then appear in Infuse’s library.

That’s not what I asked, what if I want to move it?
The question was where it is located

Isn’t that the answer to your question? :blush:

Sorry, my apologies… Somehow the file ended up on my iPad! No wonder I couldn’t find it on my computer.
Indeed the Files app showed me where.


thanks for the awesome information.

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