File error when resuming play in iMac

I have the same problem.
Infuse Version 7.1 (7.1.3799) on my iMac.
I have a HD connected to an AirPort Extreme. SMB.
I can play the movie fine at first and when I pause and come back to it later. I got an error message:
" An error occurred An error occurred loading this content."
And I can’t play the movie anymore on Infuse using my iPhone, iMac or AppleTV.
The file is corrupted as I can’t even play it on my iMac using VLC.
It happened several times with mkv and mp4.

Any solutions?

Sounds like either the HD or AP extreme is trashing the file when it’s opened from the network.

How can I resolve it? How to know if it the airport or the hd?
What to do in either case?

If this happens again, can you submit a quick report from the app so we can look into this?