file deletion ?

I’ve recently upgraded my apple TV’s from atv 1’s (now on ebay) to atv 2’s, jail breaking went fine got the unit 95% to how I want it, the only thing I’m currently struggling with is file deletion, in my old atv’s I could press left on a file and delete a file on my time capsule once I had watched it, I can’t find this function on my atv 2 anywhere, installed into TV to see if function was in there but no joy, don’t want to install xbmc as I won’t use this feature the media player is all I need to stream from my time capsule (I can install xbmc if it will install the feature without running the program, I will just hide it from my menu’s) any ideas ?


This function is not currently available.   It has been requested before, but whether FireCore intend to add such a feature I have no idea.

shame they have deleted such a basic feature, here’s hoping they reinstall it

A file deletion option is planned for a future version. No ETA just yet though.

It is not a case having deleted the option. The ATV2 has brand new software, so it is instead a case of FireCore not having gotten around to developing this feature yet.

I would also love to have the option to delete files right from the Firecore Media Player, if possible including SRT/SUB subtitle files.