File cannot be deleted !!! ++++HELP++++

Hi there !
I´m a newbe to AppleTV and Mac-Stuff, although all the hacking was no problem because of the wonderful ATV Flash.
Now my problem:
As i was transferring a file with WinSCP my AppleTV crashed. Now i cannot delete this (or better the part of the) file anymore from my AppleTV HD.
I cannot make any changes to the file properties or anything.
So, is there anybody out there who can help, please ?

Thanks a lot -cortex- (who is getting to believe in MacOS :wink: )

Make sure all the contents of the folder you are trying to delete are empty (show/hide). Maybe a long process but it will sort you out.

Alternative: Factory restore…etc and hack again with atv flash.

Thanks for your answer,

i decided for the factory restore :wink:
everything working again…file deleted.

Greetings, -cortex-