File Alias Support

Hi, so I have a large collection of movie files all organised in alphabetical folders then the movie name as the folder name then the file e.g:-


Where I’m current running a Plex integration along side I’ve also got sub folders within that which contains deleted scenes and behind the scenes featurettes e.g:-

Movies/A/Aliens/Behind The Scenes/Making Aliens.mp4

The problem is is that I can set Infuse to index the ‘A’ folder but it also picks up all items in the sub folder too. I’ve tried a suggestion of making the sub folders as favourites and then setting it so those favourites items aren’t indexed, which works, but is a hell of a lot of work to do as I would then want to hide these favourite items across my devices (they all show up on my Apple TV).

So my main question here is that is that would there be supposed for aliasing files? I did try this and Infuse picked up the test file, but of course couldn’t play it as it wasn’t strictly a movie file, but rather a symbolic link to the actual file. Or would it be possible to ignore all sub-folders when you favourite a parent folder?


Infuse includes some special handling to ignore files that it knows are not movies, such as trailer.mp4 or sample.mp4. The challenge in your case is the extra feature videos all have actual names, which will likely match something on TMDb.

We are hoping to better support things like special features, deleted, scenes, trailers, etc… in a future update, but for now your best option might be to stick with normal folder browsing. This would still give you access to artwork and metadata, while retaining your folder structures so your extras aren’t getting mixed in with the actual movie.

PS - AFAIK, aliases aren’t supported when streaming through network protocols like SMB, so I don’t think that would be an option.

Thanks for the reply James, I decided to restructure my folders and simply created a new share specifically for movie extras, which Plex can index and Infuse can ignore, that way I can run the two concurrently without too much of an issue.

One other thing, is there a way currently to switch off the ‘collections’ feature? i.e where the indexing groups together films such Alien, Aliens etc?


Collections are enabled by default now, but based on some of the other feedback we’ve received we’ll likely add an option so you can choose whether these are displayed while browsing All Movies or not. Collections will always be available through the Collections filter in the Library.