few simple questions before i install 3.3.2


i’ve been looking round the forum and have even purchased the software ready to flash my take2 appletv but just had a few questions to put my mind at ease…

  • after flashing can you still sync it up to itunes store and buy tv shows/movies?
  • has the process for enabling external drive storage changed from the one in the knowledge base now that is 3.3.2 out?
  • will it recognise any correctly formatted usb hard drive once flashed and enabled for external storage?

…basically, ive got 500gb of movies which i stream through my mac onto my appletv and i wanted to have these on an external drive directly conneted to my atv but apart from that retain factory operation syncing my itunes purchased stuff to the internal 160gb hard drive, will atv flash allow me to do that?

thanks, ive been picking up answers in this forum but just wanted a direct answer to a direct question :slight_smile:


  1. Yes, all normal iTunes syncing, renting and purchasing functions will remain intact.
  2. The process for enabling USB storage is the same. A more in depth guide can be seen at: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=NitoTV_Smart_Installer
  3. Yes, Mac OSX Extended or FAT32 drive formats are supported.

whoohoo, thanks for the speedy reply :slight_smile: