Few questions and Issues

So I’m coming from using a Boxee Box paired to a 6TB Windows Home Server since 2008 and nothing comes close to that hardware device. Throw any file regardless of metadata and it plays it. So I read about Infuse and coworkers said to try it. So last night I bought an Apple TV 4 and got Infuse free

I setup the DNLA to the server no problem I was actually surprised with how easy it was. I then add the share folders 1,2,3 and that starts my trouble. I have 113 folders of videos in the #3 but half of them are not showing up in Infuse. I can see them on Boxee and my laptop (of course) but the file named “Serial_Experiments_Lain_01_[DVD.H264.AC3]” a dual audio stream (Japanese and English) with subtitles
How can I edit a folder to appear? I tried editing and updating the metadata on a few files to try and resolve this. But that did not fix it.
Any advice would be a great help cause I am probably going to return the Apple TV cause I’m frustrated.

Also I’m confused as to what features the Pro version adds, as the free version I’m using seems to do it all. Is there a list anywhere?

Also why is there not a search function on this forum? 27 pages of threads but no search.

Please advice,
Paul (frustrated)

The example filename that you provided does not appear to include any file extension … What file extension does it have (eg .mkv, .mp4, .iso, etc). Knowing that might allow us to guess why it isn’t appearing for you.

The pro features are listed near the end of the description in the App Store.
One of the features is being able to play videos with AC3 soundtracks … Which given the name in your example file name may be something you will need.

For some strange reason the search function is only available at the bottom of the forum’s main page, and not available in any sub-forum page.

It is an .mkv. I know its x264

Hi Paul - sorry for the trouble.

One thing Infuse does by design is flatten single video folders…that is, if a folder contains only one video Infuse will display it as a playable item instead of a folder. Would this help explain the behavior you are seeing in Infuse?

Regarding Infuse Pro, this adds support for additional video formats, Dolby and DTS audio, trakt sync, and AirPlay and Google Cast (on iOS).


I have 3 Apple TV 4 with Infuse Pro and 2 of them are displaying the fetched metadata (icons of the movie) and the other is just showing the folder icon. I have reset the Apple TV 4 and tried it again but still don’t display the movie icons like the other 2 Apple TV. Also, I took and photo of the config and matched it with the erratic Apple TV 4 and still don’t show the icons like the other ones. Any thoughts? Thanks p.s. I only have one Shared Library that all my Apple TV 4 are connected.