Few questions about Infuse and forum


Sorry for bother with this question but can’t find any related info in the forum. Please see this and reply if you can:

  • forum doesn’t have any search feature. Am I wrong?
  • where I can find a user guide for Infuse tvOS? Need to check the meaning of few setting and can’t find any related info in forum
  • I have automatic metadata activate and lot of my movies cover art are presented with the back cover art and not front cover art. How can I change this?
  • regardless I activate embedded metadata the info each move bring is the downloaded online and not the one I have embedded in my movies (iTunes and native Apple player is working well). Could some one explain this functionality? Btw metadata fetching is activated.
  • what’s the use of File management setting?

Thanks four your kindly help.

Search can be accessed through the main forum page, or directly using the link below.

The guides for Infuse can be found here.

Regarding back covers showing, do you have ‘Embedded Metadata’ enabled by chance? Enabling or disabling this will require using the ‘Edit’ option for reloading the specific video’s metadata.

File Management is used for deleting files from remote shares. It’s disabled by default, but when enabled you’ll have an extra Delete icon on the video details page.