Fetching Metadata-Updates on infuse 6.7 on iPhone is not stopping or infuse crashes / the iPhone-App is no longer syncing to iCloud

Hello, on my iPhone „fetching metadata-update“ is not ending …

My manual changes are no longer synced to atv via iCloud.

What can I do?

The App on atv seems to work correctly.

I am using 6.7 pro on both devices, iOS and TVOS are up to date.

My files are saved on a NAS by qnap.

Totally just a guess but with all of the recent changes in the OS made by Apple for iCloud security and other changes that 6.7 is probably at it’s end of life.

You may want to consider upgrading to the Infuse Pro subscription to avoid this type of issue.

Do you mean upgrading to Infuse 7 Pro?

I am Pro on 6.

Yes and that’s the stand alone version of Infuse which 6.7 was the last update for the stand alone version.

If you want to continue using Infuse with the newer OS versions you’ll probably have to start one of the subscriptions to Infuse 7 Pro or use the free version of Infuse 7.

As long as you haven’t already take advantages of any of the bonuses offered to update to Infuse Pro 7 I believe you can still get one as detailed here.

Are there ways to re-install 6.7? It is listed as bought in the app-store but after clicking on the „open“-button it says „no connection to the app-store“?!

If you visit the App Store directly and browse your previous purchases, you should probably find Infuse 6 and be able to download it.

I think it was probably removed from the App Store proper as it has been rendered obsolete by Infuse 7 (unless you are on a really old device like my ten year old iPad Mini 2 — the first with the Retina display — which doesn’t have enough oomph to run Infuse 7).

I deleted the app and than re-installed it by listing my previous purchases - this worked, even if it says “no connection” if you press longer on the entry in the list to get furthrt information. The *.IPA ist still on the store.

For possible problems in future I saved the Infuse 6.7-IPA locally on my mac using “Apple Configurator 2”-App. How, is described here: Herunterladen und Ausführen von iOS-Apps auf einem Mac

By the Configurator-App I will be able to re-install the app in the future at any time even if Apple should remove the Infuse.IPA:

  1. On your mac you have to install „Apple Configurator 2“ from the App-Store (official app by Apple to manage mobile devices)
  2. Deletete your Infuse 6.7-app on the phone
  3. Run “Apple Configurator 2” on your mac, connect your phone and reinstall infuse 6 (navigate to apps on the left side and use the „+“-button on top, than choose „Apps". Browse Infuse 6.7 either inside the app-store if it still will be there or browse to your local saved *.IPA by the button on the left down corner
  4. Your app on the phone will be cleaned than and you will have to add your sources again …

… but in my special case everything was fine after a short while thanks to iCloud-sync: the infuse 6.7-app on ATV which hadn’t produced any problems so far

Basically - I must say - I have the impression that the philosophy of firecore puts a focus on selling new licences than on seriously helping to keep older products running. Infuse is a great app, but this behaviour of the support alienates me a bit …

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Glad you were able to get things working by redownloading the app. :slight_smile:

FWIW, in the past Infuse was available as both an in-app purchase and a standalone paid app. The reason being is for the longest time Apple did not support family sharing of in-app purchases, so we wanted to provide an option for people with multiple family members. These standalone paid apps included all updates until the next major release, and were priced around what ~2.5 years of an Infuse Pro subscription would be. So similar cost/value to having a subscription.

Since Apple started supporting sharing of in-app purchases in early 2021, there was no longer a need to have a separate standalone paid app (and having 2 apps was kind of confusing anyways) so these went away with the release of Infuse 7, which was released in May 2021. Now, all Pro upgrades are done in-app and will include automatic upgrades for all releases.

Going forward, Infuse Pro 6 will always be available to you (Apple doesn’t ever remove these from the App Store as far as I know), but it could potentially have issues like this due to updates to iOS/tvOS or other services that Infuse uses (like TMDB).

Should you ever have an interest in upgrading to v7, you can get a free year of Pro (a ~$10 value).

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