Fetching inappropriate metadata?

By inappropriate I mean: Infuse will label home videos or instructional videos that have no media in them as movies and documentaries they have nothing to do with, and it makes identifying what is what very difficult.

Is there a way to fix this and then prevent it from happening again?

A lot has to do with the actual name of the file as to how infuse handles it. If the file name has a resemblance of a movie Infuse does a best guess. It does well on a vast majority of files but it does miss now and then. I believe you can long click on those files that are giving you issues and select “use local metadata” and that should keep it from trying to match it to the movie or tv on line databases. I’m not 100% sure but it’s worth a try.

Sorry, but there’s no option to select “use local metadata” on my iPhone X or iPad Pro 12.9".

Long click on the file does nothing other than launching the video to play. Thanks.

Sorry, had recently answered the same question for tvOS.

You can find out how to make manual corrections on iOS here