Fetching different Chinese metadata from TVDB

There are two kind of Chinese on TVDB (“Simplified 大陆简体” and the new option “Traditional 臺灣國語”), just wonder if there’s an option to choose the one I want?


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Which one is “the one I want”?

You should be able to do this by selecting a Metadata language in Infuse > Settings > Language.

Hi all thanks for the reply, love this app so much.

The problem is TVDB now adding more options for “Chinese” i.e.

in the old days there’s only one “Chinese- China”, and now if I only add entry for “Chinese-Taiwan” in TVDB, even if I picked “繁體中文” aka “Traditional Chinese” used in Taiwan (as shown below)

The app could not fetch the Chinese metadata, instead showing English

Hope you guys understand the problem, once again thank you so much!

HI james
Chinese-China (Mainland Simplified) and Chinese-Taiwan (Taiwan Mandarin), are different
And Chinese-Taiwan (Taiwan Mandarin) is not correctly obtained metadata

HI james
Chinese - China (大陆简体) and Chinese - Taiwan (臺灣國語) , 是不一樣的
而 Chinese - Taiwan (臺灣國語) 沒有被正確獲得 metadata

I don’t believe these languages are selectable on iOS at the present time, which means they won’t be selectable in Infuse.

Both infuse and thetvdb have Chinese-Taiwan
But IOS’s Chinese-Taiwan is in OTHER LANGUAGES
Does not support Chinese-Taiwan
Will you consider supporting Chinese-Taiwan in the future?
Thanks James for the answer

infuse 和 thetvdb 都有 Chinese - Taiwan
但IOS 的 Chinese - Taiwan 在 OTHER LANGUAGES
就不支援 Chinese - Taiwan
未來考慮 支援 Chinese - Taiwan 嗎
感謝 james 的會答

I’m a big fan of infuse.
I start using Infuse form 5th generation.

There’s a problem from fetching Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) metadata especially with TV series.

TheTVDB.com now offer several types of Chinese option. As I setting metadata type Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) and the TVDB.com have also provide Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) option, the fetch data is simplified Chinese. How do I fix it?

For example, the drama, “Do You Like Brahms?”

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