"Fetching details". Why such a long process? Is there no better way?

Admittedly, I have a large library (200+ TV episodes, and 20K movies). I really want to like Infuse, but, even with metadata turned ‘off’, Infuse takes an extremely long time (4 days) to ‘fetch details’ from the server.

  1. Is this really necessary every time I launch?
  2. What is it fetching? Is it really just ‘indexing’?
  3. Why does Plex not do this when I launch that app? Plex just launches, and it’s good to go. There must be a better way for Infuse to handle this?..whatever its doing.

Do you have Infuse connected to Plex or are you connecting directly?

Since Infuse doesn’t require a server, many of the tasks a server normal does in the background Infuse will do on its own.

The fetching details part you are seeing likely refers to fetching things like video resolution, specs, runtime, etc… This will be the slowest part of indexing, though if you are using iCloud sync will be saved so it only has to run once (other devices can access this, and it will be available if you switch devices or have to reinstall the app for some other reason).

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One trick I do with the ATV is first, set the sleep to never and turn off CEC so you can turn off the tv without turning off the ATV. Then start Infuse, go to the library screen and there you can watch the progress messages.

I’d also recommend you turn metadata back on so you get it as a base to work with and like James said the details is the longest so gathering the metadata isn’t bad.

The ATV is at the mercy of the time Apple gives it in the background which is minimal and there is still a problem with Infuse doing background updates so doing the above will let the ATV churn out the first scan pretty quick (about 4 hours for me with 20K + videos).

Yes, it’s connected to a Plex share. iCloud sync definitely is not simplifying the process. I have to go through this on all 3 of my ATV’s. If it’s done on one, it’s not done on the others and I have to do it all again.

With Plex, iCloud sync won’t be used since Infuse will rely on the Plex server for metadata and to sync things like watched status and ratings.

One thing you can do is to disable the ‘Pre-Cache Images’ option found under the Advanced section of the share settings page in Infuse. Doing this will avoid an extra step, and just fetch images on-the-fly as needed from Plex.

Thanks…this is already off. :frowning:

gotta say i’ve been nothing but dissapointed with infuse. i bought it for my dad because he uses an apple tv and an ipad and all these apple devices he causes buffering and stuttering in plex when it works fine on my windows laptop, my nvidia shield and any other non apple device.

so i was told to try infuse but i dont even see what the point is. on the atv and the ipad its been ‘fetching’ data from the plex server for the last 24 hours and has made almost zero progress. going to be asking for a refund because from everything i read here about how great it is vs plex its been the exact opposite experience. it just sits there fetching giving me zero indication its done anything. it started finding movies and as soon as i had it search for the tv shows library it basically became unresponsive on both devices whereas he can at least browse everything in the plex app. whats more annoying on the ipad is you have to keep the screen on and prevent it from going to sleep or it doesnt sync the library so now i have an ipad left on for hours on end hoping it does SOMETHING.

that spinning wheel icon in infuse is irritating the heck out of me at this point.

Ya…I don’t get how Infuse is different from Plex. Plex doesn’t ‘fetch anything’. It’s just there. Infuse takes a long time to ‘fetch’ whatever it is fetching. Also, when I do a search, it takes a while to populate. Plex is immediate.

the tv library in plex server im on had 500k tv episodes. based on how it did over night, it would take like a full year to index all the episodes. who in their right mind is using infuse for massive plex libraries? i dont get it

Yeh here to add this is one of my biggest bug bears with infuse over plex, to the point I have to point it out when recommending it to others. Infuse is excellent in every single other way. I really hope they can find a solution/alternative way to read plex libraries.

Infuse was designed to enable users to view content from their personal libraries. Show me any single user with 500k television episodes in their personal library.

All legitimate streaming services combined likely don’t have that many episodes available.

It’s strange that Infuse is taking four days to fetch details every time you launch the app. This may indicate an issue with the app or with your network connection.

In comparison, Plex may not fetch metadata every time you launch the app because it may have already cached the information locally. Additionally, Plex may use a different method for fetching metadata that is faster or more efficient.

100% no issues with my network.

Infuse is a client app. It has to manually query data and can’t update continuously. So it makes a copy of all the data so that it isn’t continuously querying Plex. The library was designed around this cache of data. Plex, on the other hand is running a server on the backend that handles all the file IO operations. So anytime any one file changes Plex automatically updates. Then there is a plex client that can load everything from that server. The main way to speed up infuse with plex would be to completely redesign infuse to act like the plex client where every click of a button, query, search, etc will go back to the plex client and get the results.

That makes sense I suppose. I like the redesign idea! :wink:

Hi there, you called?

Not sure why you think that’s outrageous. That’s about 500-600 TB of content. Not ridiculous (for me at least!).

Infuse is EXTREMELY slow to fetch metadata for a library of that size when it could very easily ask the Plex API (which handles that metadata infinitely better) to provide information.

Just guessing but I’d think that 19+ years of continuous viewing at a minimum (without breaks) may be more than the average user would consider storing for a “personal” library.

I don’t run plex but I’d be surprised if it didn’t take Plex a while for the first time it had to scrape and arrange metadata for 500K items.

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The entire library was cached by Plex within 24 hours or so; I’ve had Infuse running for 5 days straight and its not halfway done.

7 friends and I split a remote server where we can all upload our own Blu-Ray remuxes and series’ for our personal enjoyment.

The issue is not how much content I’m watching. The issue is Infuse’s inability to match its competition regarding a very simple action. Again; why is it not simply grabbing this metadata that Plex has already stored?

It is but it has other things it has to do too. Infuse was not designed around being solely a front end to another server, so it wants to cache things so you can use its library functions. You can turn off ore-cache images to help speed some things up. Also plex files live alongside the server so everything can happen instantly and at highest performance. Infuse has to run adjacent to it but not living on the file server.

I’m not saying it can’t be improved, but to run like the plex app would require a complete rewrite to the library and management ui

Okie dokie.