Fetching details every time infuse ran

Is it right that infuse will fetch details for the libraries every time the app is opened. It seem regardless of using Apple tv, iPhone or iPad I get the “loading” icon when opening the app, when I go to settings → library it says “Fetching details” and seems to be building the library each time. Is there any reason for this? I’ve let it load, went out that screen and back in and it starts fetching details again?

Yes, it’s normal. It checks for changes to your library when it’s launched and also after set periods (I think an hour of on time but not sure).

It’s not building the library, just looking for new additions or deletions etc.

Sometimes it will repeat the fetch after an icloud sync if it’s been off for a while (days).

Thank you for confirming that. So it will have no impact on searching or search times etc?

It may cause some minimal slowdowns since it may be modifying that data you are searching with changes since it last ran but I’ve not seen it cause much impact on speeds of searching overall.

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Thank you for your quick help on this


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