Fetching content

For the past 3 weeks, the fetching of content is getting worse. It now takes 10 seconds to 10 minutes.
Appletv 4K, infuse update, tried resetting appletv, nas drives, clearing metadata, and anything I can think of. 4 weeks ago everything worked great and no changes we made until I tried finding the issue.
No luck, any suggestions?

Since there’s been a few rapid fire updates the last few weeks, what version number are you on in Infuse and tvOS?

Also, when you say 10 seconds to 10 minutes, are you looking at the spinning wheel on the home screen or at the messages on the Settings > Library screen? If in the settings > library screen, are any of the regular messages getting repeated or does it look normal, just longer to do?

Infuse 7.3.9
Everything looks the same, when you choose something to watch, black screen with spinning wheel is what we see. Other than this issue, everything seems normal.
The video will eventually play but this started before the last few updates.

Is you NAS perhaps hibernating?

That occurred to me also, but the computer has no waking issues with the nas.
I added plex to infuse and added folder to check this out. Anything I watched through plex had no issues fetching content. So I went to library and unchecked the plex folders, and the lag in fetching returned.

In my system it takes up to an hour to restore the library. Size is 32tb on my Nas.

In HT4 you Safe the library to a dedicated place and reload it if necessary. Takes 10 - 13,75 secs.

Yup, same issue, but i’m on the beta
Mine is stuck fetching content but it’s only on iOS and not my Mac, and my library does have things in it.

I stopped trying to fix my fetching issue and just put up with it.
Guess what, after a month of leaving everything alone, no testing of settings, last week the issue disappeared and videos now start promptly. I may never know what the issue was, but I’m glad it’s gone.
My conclusion is that it was not the infuse app but an appletv or nas update fixed it.