Fetching Content

Using Emby with InfuseSync plugin installed on the server. I have this huge TV shows library and if I exit or lose connection, this library is fetched constantly. I thought the plugin was to reduce fetching and pick up where it left off if needed? I’ve tried about 10 times to fetch this library. Ideas?

When it shows fetching, for example in your pic it shows 29760 of 222566

If you leave and come back and it start again, does it show the same number in the "of " part or is the “of” number smaller?

I thought my was restarting all over again but it was starting with a new total to fetch each time and the number it had counted up to before I came back had been added to the total episodes above.

It’s the same number in the “of” part. That’s the disheartening part.

Just to double check, what beta version is this happening in?

Any news on this?

Please send in a report (Settings > Submit Diagnostics) and post the 5 digit code so we can look into this.


Now it just fails indexing. Code: JJN02