Fetching content takes forever

I’m connected directly to my NAS via WebDAV and fetching content has been taking forever…as in at least 10-15 mins at least. Any reason for this?? I know when I was using Plex or Emby anything added was showing within seconds!

It would help to know

  • what device and model
  • WiFi or Ethernet
  • OS version
  • Infuse version number
  • size of your library
  • do videos play without issue
  • have you run a speed test in Infuse
  • if so what were the numbers and could you post a screen cap of the graph.

Remember, with Plex or Emby the server would start gathering the metadata as you entered it, Infuse can’t start till it scans for additions and then it has to fetch the metadata so it’s not unusual to take time to do this.