Fetching Artwork

I’m remotely connected to a plex server with a pretty big library and I wanted to know if I should be waiting around for infuse to fetch the artwork to all my content. Also, is it even possible? Currently infuse is fetching over 100,000 pieces of artwork. Would that even fit on the 32gb ATV 4K? Am I wasting my time? Should I just wait until you guy implement iCloud storage for artwork?

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That is quite a library you have there. :wink:

Infuse will work to cache metadata and artwork for any items selected in the library. If you prefer not to wait for this, you an uncheck all the Favorites from the Library screen, and just browse your Plex share through the main Plex item on the home screen. This way, Infuse would only download artwork for the items you’re browsing to.

I have a Huge Library as well. But I’ve never seen Infuse using my 64gb Apple TV 4K Storage. So Infuse doesn’t require to use device Storage? Does it require iCloud storage and how much?

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Currently, Infuse will sync textual metadata, share details, playback progress, subtitles, and other small items to iCloud. Artwork is cached locally on your device.

You can see how much iCloud space Infuse is using on by navigating to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage on iOS.

Total local storage will be listed in Infuse > Settings > General.

I too have a large remote library but will stopping the embedded fetching process halfway keep the progress for what was fetched or would I have to start over? Also, would it do the same for browsed items?