Fetching Artwork from Google Drive

It may or may not have a thing to do with this issue but what does Infuse show as the size of your metadata in the settings menu after it fetches everything and if you look again when it goes out and starts a big fetch like today? Just wondering if it’s showing a bigger amount after and a small amount with it starts over.

Also, in the ATV settings, where you can choose which apps can use background refresh what apps other than Infuse do you have authorized to do so?

Metadata size is 2GB, which is normal.

Apps with background refresh are:
Amazon Music

But is it the same before it finishes the full re fetch as after?

Would you mind trying a test and turning off all the apps except Infuse for the background updates?

Yes, the metadata at 2GB is the size before and after scanning. I’ll try disabling background running for other apps.

OK, tried that, Infuse still getting artwork for 841 items, but no large metadata scan this time.

We’ve added a few changes in the upcoming 6.4.9 update which will help avoid continuous attempts to refetch missing posters.

Great. I’ve also spent a lot of time exactly aligning film and tv content to OpenDB and TVDB.

Today I deleted the metadata on my non 4K Apple TV and rebuilt from scratch (over Wi-fi - grim) anyway, 4.5 hours later all looks good.

Looking forward to the next release. I have a third Apple TV arriving tomorrow (I’m a sucker for punishment).


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The refetching issue should be resolved in today’s 6.4.9 update.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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Many thanks.

Been watching without issue here in Tenerife. First class service.


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