Fetching Artwork from Google Drive

Every time I manually scan for changes, I get the above for about 1400 odd items. After it finishes, if I manually scan again, it repeats the process, even though it did it only a minute before.

It’s like it forgets it’s just done it.

Any ideas?

Does it show that it gets all 1400 items or does it count up to some amount less and then just disappear?

I have a similar glitch where it shows fetching artwork from my local server for 8 items every time Infuse syncs even when there have been no changes. The strange part is when I do add content it will go through the fetch cycle and show the number of artwork for what I added and fetch it but it will then repeat the fetch cycle and always show the fetching artwork for eight items.

It does this on 4 different ATVs. It almost seems there is an error in the metadata stored and it can’t clear the problem.

Yes, it does complete. Mine also does this on two separate ATV’s.

Occasionally it’ll rescan everything which takes a couple of hours. No apparent reason, maybe after an Infuse update.

That’s the strange part for me is that it never seems to get all 8, it shows the first couple and then it skips to the next step in the fetch process.

Maybe James will get a chance to chime in.

Oh well, Apple TV4 (not 4K) in one room decided to get metadata for 1600 items.

The other Apple TV4K decided to get metadata for 9440 items, basically all my TV shows, and I just know at the end, all of the manual metadata corrections will be previously made will be unmade.
Oh, this is new, it got to the end and is getting artwork for 9630 items!!!

AND, no content has changed, none!

So frustrating. Such an excellent playback system that is hamstrung by it’s library management (on Google Drive especially).

Have you had a look at the way KODI does it by exporting .strm files. It sounds clumsy but is very quick and you only have to correct metadata mis-matches once.

The situation is now almost unusable. I go to watch a film or TV show and the app starts fetching metadata for anything up to and hour.

Infuse devs please help.


Well after getting artwork for over 9500 items, twice, it then got the artwork for 846 items, three times.

I added two films, just two.

It then scanned 846 items again. Then it did it again.

I’ll now wait for the next update to see if this gets fixed. Currently for me, it’s unusable.

Much sorrow.

If this happens again, can you send in a report from your Apple TV (via Settings > Submit Diagnostics) and post the 5 digit code it gives you here?


Diagnostics code (activity since last used, watched 1 TV episode, added 1 movie)


Quit app, relaunch

Activity since last use, zero, time since last scan, 60 seconds. Again repeating getting artwork for 836 items.

Diagnostics uploaded, code

We’ve looked into this, and it seems you may be affected by TMDb issue described in this post.

In essence, Infuse tries to fetch the posters from TMDb but the images are missing. In most cases, Infuse would simply fall back to generating images from the video files themselves, but in the case of Google Drive shares we don’t do this as it would most likely result in a ban due to the high number of API calls required.

What ends up happening here is Infuse tries to refetch the missing posters, but since the never actually get fetched (because they are missing from TMDb site) they are never cached on your device.

To resolve this, I’d try following the steps in the guide linked above, and there’s a good chance this will resolve what’s going on.

James, thanks for the reply. If this were the case then:

  • Wouldn’t I be seeing lots of content without artwork (I’m not)

  • Wouldn’t the refetch be consistent on both Apple TV’s (one constantly gets 950+ items, the other 350+)

Also, the Infuse matching process constantly changes films/Tv that I have manually edited the metadata, back to the origin, incorrect match. I’ve changed the names to be an exact match for TMDB, but it makes no difference (I’ve posted about this before).

Thanks anyway,

Well, it may depend on how the devices are used and if one device managed to fetch some of the artwork before it was removed from TMDb.

As a quick test, you can try this

  1. Locate an item in your library that is missing artwork
  2. Use the Edit option on that item to reload metadata and see if this causes the artwork to appear


I did this. I have a two-part English TV series called Britz. I has no artwork but is correctly recognised eg correct descriptions etc. I’ve looked on TVDB and it does have artwork. I did as you asked, edited the meta data, selected the correct show from the list offered, but no artwork.

Both Apple TV’s now fetch artwork for 950 items, so they’re in sync with each other. But both are reversing manual changes to metadata I’ve made.

What year is the tv show Britz? There are multiple tv shows with the same name and not all have artwork. There may be a confusion factor with this example.

Is this the show you have?

Could you provide a sample of how you have the files named for this specific show?

The series is Britz (note the z), attached are screenshots of the files on my Google Drive, and the TVDB series it’s matched to.

Yup, I saw that but there are more than one TV shows with the name Britz on TVDB. Oops, now I see the file names. I’ll see if I can duplicate your problem.

@Roger_Weir quick question for you. What language are you set for in metadata?

English (United Kingdom)

Bit annoyed tonight, my 4K Apple TV has decide to get metadata for 9440 items all of a sudden!

I noticed that on TVDB they did not have a poster in English. The only one they had was labeled “Italian”. I duplicated the one they had since it really was English and not Italian as labeled as English so hopefully it will populate to their servers pretty soon so a metadata refresh will pick up the new poster.

I know this probably isn’t directly related to the bigger problem you’re having but maybe we can at least chip away at some of the little gremlins that may be compounding things.

Mind you, it’s whizzing through them, but I expect it’ll get artwork for them next which is slower.

Yep. Artwork for 9630 items.