Fetching and Voiceover

I’m visually impaired and I love the possibility of browsing files connected to my airport extreme without having another computer running, or having to reconvert. However, when I browse my media with voiceover turned on under median->my files, it starts to say the name and then says ‘fetching’ for everything without saying the actual filename, this effectively makes the program useless for me as I am unable to have it read the filename. Turning off fetching also doesn’t fix this issue.

Are there any plans to have this fixed in a future release? Please please please say YES.

Yes, this is something that we plan to improve.

Damn, still hasn’t been fixed in the latest 0.9 update :frowning:


Not in 0.9 - but we hope to have it fixed before 1.0. :)

Yes it seems that many voiceover users are having this trouble.

I use plex also, but the web setup is not compatible with screenreaders but the viewing of files on the atv 2 is much better. I do hope this is fixed soon.

I’ve tried using plea with voiceover, I can’t get it to read anything. The fire core media player is so much easier to setup and use, I can’t wait for it to be fixed eventually

I wonder what iOS 5 will look like in terms of voiceover on the apple tv 2… I do hope Firecore gets this fixed soon.