"Fetched" name vs filename in List View

First off, let me say that ATV flash (black) RC1 rocks! Kudos to you for great work and an awesome product!

I have just one question: is there a way (config file or installable package, perhaps)  to suppress use of the “fetched” name for TV shows in list view? In my environment, files are downloaded to the top-level TV Shows folder and only moved to subfolders once I’ve watched them. Since the “fetched” name that is displayed is generally the episode title without the series name, browsing through a list of 20-30 files to find episodes of a specific series or show is rather difficult.

Thanks in advance for any assistance/suggestions in this regard





Yes, you can view the raw filenames by seeing the ‘Show File Extensions’ option to Yes through the Media --> Settings menu.

Thanks, James - it’s working perfectly now - much appreciated