Fetch TV Show Poster from Google Drive


I can’t force Infuse 5.7.1 to fetch the posters (and fanart) for my TV Shows from Google Drive. Attached is my folder / filename structure as a jpg.

I tried the following:

  • rename files and folder as described here https://support.firecore.com/hc/en-us/articles/215090947-Metadata-101
  • tried jpg and png
  • tried “Season01” and “Season 1”
  • tried only one episode per folder instead of all episodes of one season in one folder
  • tired deleting the complete database, reboot and build up from scratch
  • tried turning embedded metadata turned on and off
  • tried deleting the app and install it new and start from scratch
  • tried forcing Infuse to update metadata by pressing “Edit metadata” on episode level
  • tried “edit metadata” choosing a wrong TV Show and afterwards again with the right TV Show.

What ever I try, Infuse is ALWAYS loading the posters of the seasons and the show from “The TVDB” and not my posters from Google Drive.

Can this be related to using Google Drive?



This unfortunately is a limitation of Google Drive, as Google Drive does not really have folders in the traditional sense.

In essence, each video is independent, and exists only in a virtual folder. This limits Infuse’s ability to see other files that may be stored alongside your folders/videos.

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