Fetch backdrop from “No Language” tag instead of specific language tag

Tmdb recently started backdrop cleanup, backdrops with text are tagged with corresponding language, backdrops without text are tagged with “No Language”. This brought a big problem for infuse users like me, who don’t want any text appeared on backdrop but infuse only fetches backdrop based on metadata language…

Tmdb keeps language tag for good reasons, just that client like infuse should have a better implementation on this. Options:

  1. allow users to choose “prefer backdrop with “No Language””

  2. list all backdrops/posters and let users to choose which one to use.


I notice some movies are displaying wrong background cover metadata. The ideal scenario in my opinion is that Infuse pulls only the non language background cover images, which means the cover doesn’t have anything wrote on.

We already have the movie title under the poster and in the poster. We don’t need it also in the background. Besides that, this would fix some incorrectly match stuff, like my Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix with Russian background cover and all the other info in brazillian portuguese (which is my language).

Aaand this avoids some design problems with Infuse, that sometimes cuts-off some of this background cover titles.

I actually suggested something opposite but at the same time similar to this mostly because at the moment Infuse uses that same Fanart as both backgrounds and as Movie/Series thumbnails on the main screen which I think doesn’t look as good as the streaming services do. All in all, I think an Option in the menus to decide individually what you want for your setup would be good for everybody. Even better if people could choose from among all the available posters and backdrops on TMDB.

I got it. I see your point, comparing with Netflix, Hulu, etc. But this platforms actually use a wide poster instead of a vertical one like Infuse. But if you enter in any show of this platforms (at least Netflix and Prime) they are using a cover without any writing on it, with the title in the side. The background cover needs to act as a background cover, not as a wide poster. I like your idea because it would look good on the home screen, but unfortunately TVMDB doesn’t have data of wide posters. Making the background cover as wide posters can ruin Infuse interface, which cuts off the sides of this kind of image and can cut off some text that are not centralized.

If you want to change those images with text btw, all you gotta do is downvote them on TMDB and upvote the No Language ones that you prefer. But that is really a waste of time and ONLY Infuse customers would do that since Plex, Emby and Jellyfin all let you choose from whatever is available, so no wasting your valuable time upvoting/downvoting images. And to make it worse, for the most popular movies and shows, the mods over at TMDB will select certain images as the default rendering their voting process useless.

The biggest problem with explicitly pulling No language art is that the quality will be a hit or miss. A lot of “textless” backdrops are studio released images that are professionally done, but also some are just VLC screenshots from the movie/series and look horrible as backdrops in my opinion. That’s why I personally would prefer to pull Language-based artwork as that usually will be what the studios actually released and they are usually of much higher quality. example;

Which image do you think is of higher quality and which one would you prefer between these 2 images from the same movie?

The English one is 4k while the No Language one is 1080p and actually a bit pixelated.

That is the dilemma unfortunately for a lot of older movies and series. Would you go for a poorer quality background just coz u don’t want to see the text in the image?

The streaming services (Apple TV, Hulu, and Netflix) all use textless images but at the same time make use of the Logos which actually makes it look a whole lot better and I actually made a suggestion here make sure to upvote it :slight_smile: If infuse starts making use of those logos, at that point, it would make alot more sense to explicitly and only pull No Language art. But for right now, I personally prefer Infuse to not pull No Language for me as the images it pulls could just be random low quality screenshots from the movie vs ones proffesionally done.

I was looking at Star Wars Episode 1 and it is pulling the Portuguese fanart for some reason. I checked on TMDb and it doesn’t seem to have it anywhere else. I tried a edit and it still grabbed it. Poster and description is in English though. I checked the other Star Wars movies I have and none of the backdrops have text :man_shrugging:t3:

Now that I posted it I see that it is also the default (most popular) fanart for the movie on TMDb.

This has been an issue for years. Despite my metadata settings being set to English, Infuse will still sometimes pull foreign language art, and no matter what I do, it will keep doing it, until one day it just reverts back to English.

I also wonder about the random Finnish (I think) language results when manually searching for TV series…

@james is this an issue with TMDb or infuse? My issue is not related to no language tags but it isn’t even grabbing an English file.

Currently it will grab the top-rated backdrop, regardless of language.

We’re planning to change this to always prefer ‘No Language’ fanart.

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If there aren’t any tagged as “No Language” will it revert to your prefered language or back to most popular?

Yes, there would be a fallback and would be something like this.

  1. No language
  2. User’s preferred language
  3. Top rated

My suggestion @james is that when you make changes to the app, make it optional (i.e let people be able to change and customize that new/changed feature) as what your preferences are, might not be what the other hundreds or thousands of other infuse users would like. On this one I personally dont care about that order, but its about time we had a feature to override and select the desired backdrops straight from the interface. Most movies have a couple if not dozens of artwork and just not being able to choose from them by default plainly sucks.

This is something we’ll likely be adding as well, and there is a thread here.