Feeling like Firecore has abandoned ATV2? Please comment......

No updates. No comments from firecore. No responses from the support system. No updates. Did I mention No Updates?

Please comment on this thread so firecore can get a sense of the growing level of customer tellmewtfisgoingonness…

Clearly if you could care less and it is just me, a lone cantankerous wolf howling into the cyberabyss, be about your daily business. But if you feel like maybe Firecore should be farsed to tell us something, then please comment…

I thank you and have a nice day.

I’d like to have some sort of update that isn’t “we’re working on it”. I don’t need a date, but that would be nice. I’ll also accept “we’re not going to update it anymore” or “we can’t update it anymore”, so that I can move on and look for other solutions, which is what I’m leaning towards at this point anyways.

I would definitely agree. If they’re not going to update again, let us know. Either way, without any kind of substantial news from Firecore, I’ll be looking for a new solution soon.

We’ve had to shift focus a bit (need to keep the lights on) but the ATV is near and dear to our heart, and I can say there are a number of features and improvements currently under active development. Some of these are geared towards supporting the newer ATV2 SW, but there are also some other things that will just make life better.

We’re also looking at ways that could potentially be used to update the look/feel of the ATV2 UI a bit, but it’s not entirely clear how feasible this is just yet.

I’d love a jailbreak for the most recent software release for ATV2.

James can you at least fix the no sound issue when its a DTS track and we are simply running the sound through hdmi to the TV with no DTS amp in the middle ?

Unfortunately, James, it’s still a non-answer to a serious question especially for those of us who have supported FireCore for many years and feel stagnant and bypassed as update after update by Apple has added more channels that we can’t access for fear of losing the ability to stream via InFuse.

At least delegate some resources to figuring out how to get the extra channels and still maintain the ability to use Infuse for those of us still clinging to our 720p ATV2’s. You’ve suckered many of us into paying for lifetime updates that seem to have died on the operating table 2 years ago!

PS. Cute kid. Congratulations!

Lifetime updates …

James, can you guys put out just a straight Maintenon pack or new jailbreak instead of trying to put together something bigger? Or give us a date or something, anything?

My Netflix hasnt worked and some of my other apps have issues. To pay for updates and not even have basic functionality is really bad. Im not even asking for improvements and to hear your focus has shifted is not my problem. Its your obligation.

Agreed. Netflix has stopped working and no one seems to be doing anything about it!


I’ll be bold here and suggest that williamh.0468, pkwiecinski, antieco, davige, damase_us, mattheww.4453, brians.6456 and stronz are all as excited as I am about the “no-seriously-there’s-like-new-stuff-and-free-biscuits-coming” BUT James, I’ve been fooled by these sort of internet promises before. You say 4 inches, I say nasty bruising and disappointment.

Moreover, Antieco is probably concerned, as we all are, about the chap against whose lifetime the lifetime updates were being measured. What took him? Was it shame? Or maybe foul play?

Anywho James, the bottom line, you could be forcing us into a …
… sort of tweeting situation

……or you could just do the decent thing and give us some facts.

I have no idea what half of Fidosg is talking about - perhaps less prose next time - but I for one would prefer more specifics from Firecore, specifically where they are in upgrading to iOS 6.x release, especially now that more and more apps don’t work in the current 5.3 environment.

Many users are reacting to the decrease of functionality in the ATV2 with Firecore installed, not the UI embellishments. I think for the most part, many of us would not mind if a button looked glossy as long as the system worked better; they can roll out graphic updates later. Or never, for all I care.

Just as long as my ATV2 doesn’t become further crippled by Firecore’s lack of attention. Whether it’s real or not, that’s how it’s feeling.

Incidentally, this impacts the Infuse iOS app directly - how can we trust a supplier when they can’t or won’t support an existing product base, or even communicate with them as to the viability of the platform?

Firecore do not do the development work on creating the actual jailbreaks of the ATV2… This is done by other people.

However Firecore do the take the jailbreaks developed by other people and package it up and make it available for free as SeasonPass.

Therefore any move from 5.3 to gain facilities on newer versions of iOS is dependent a suitable jailbreak being developed by other people. There is not much Firecore can do if no further jailbreaks are developed. I’m sure if another jailbreak is developed then SeasonPass would be suitably updated. I suspect that Firecore therefore cannot make any announcements of developments in this area as they themselves probably don’t know if/when another jailbreak is likely to occur.

Firecore then charge for the installation/support of InFuse (black) on a jailbroken ATV. Now Infuse (black) is something totally within FireCore’s control and this is where James has said they have some things in the works.

I think that people confuse facilities provided by the base IOS/jailbreak which is generally outside FireCore’s control and which they make no charge, with developments in Infuse (black itself).

My personal feeling is that we will be very lucky if a new jailbreak for the ATV2 ever appears … It must have a limited and shrinking market which probably means that the people who develop the jailbreaks have less of an incentive to actively work on it.

All of what you say makes perfect sense - but with a new jailbreaks for iOS 7 & 8 now out, there has to be some change in the possible directions. It’s hard to tell when there’s months between communications, and then, unclear ones at that.

Clearly they can’t do it all, but it also doesn’t mean that Firecore can’t come up with a bounty for at least updating the ATV2-class units. I noticed the “keeping the lights on”-note, and I clearly the market is no longer expanding with ATV3s out, but a bounty to go ATV2, maybe ATV3, should bring coders out of the woodwork.

I guess a guy can dream.

It isn’t even the need for a bounty, the issue is, we are paying customers, with lifetime updates. There is an obligation from the provider (firecore) to the customer (us) to make sure their product works and is up to date. If there is nothing more they can do, so be it, but admit they hit a wall and provide us some form of refund. If they completely abandoned this product, so be it, but do a formal declaration of service termination, refund us (as they are not meeting their obligation to provide lifetime updates). It is the lack of Firecore communications that pisses me off. Luckily we have a good community of intelligent folks that can assist when firecore doesn’t respond.

Just a bit of background…

The work that goes into updating things for a major iOS release is pretty massive. It’s one thing to develop apps using an official SDK that sets out a nice roadmap for how things work, but it’s entirely different story when you’re talking about developing for the Apple TV.

This development is really a never-ending process, and much of the work to support the latest ATV2 software is done. Sadly however, the Pangu based iPhone/iPad jailbreaks for iOS 7/8 do not apply to the ATV2, leaving the current jailbreak for Apple TV 6.2.1 (iOS 7) tethered, which isn’t ideal for most people.

This doesn’t mean that an untethered version won’t be available at some point, but since we’re not jailbreakers, we’re just not able to offer any predictions on when that may be.

Instead of predictions then, can you provide current status of development? I don’t want to sound like a broken record, more so there is a very real frustration from the community as to the “something in the works” and “coming soon” comments that are given frequently. I truly do love the product you provide, but the communication is severely lacking.

If I had to put a number on it I’d say things are 85-90% updated for the latest 6.2.1 ATV2 software.

Thank you, I don’t mean to give you guys a hard time, it is just incredibly frustrating when trying to solve an issue and there is very minimal communication from the vendor (firecore). I have a good amount of tickets open and questions posted on other threads that I am still interested in getting replies to.