Feedback: why I canceled my subscription

I’m having a severe problem with audio at the end of some episodes. Normally, I’d start to troubleshoot this myself, but even basic technical information is missing from the app, so there’s not much I can do.

I would have asked for tech support, but I can’t even gather information for help because Infuse, after almost 5 years of people asking for this basic functionality that all other video players have, still doesn’t have it.

This thread is what I’m talking about. If Firecore can’t take the time to even acknowledge the community after almost 5 years, then I don’t even want to attempt to ask for support.

With Infuse being closed-source, I have no other option for support or fixing things. I’m
Not happy with how Firecore has ignored its customer base. So I canceled my subscription.

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I’m sorry you are running into trouble when using Infuse.

If you were able to share some details about the issue you are seeing we’d be happy to look into what may be going on.

Note: The overlay suggestion you referenced is useful for streaming services where the video format can vary based on device, network quality, etc… Since Infuse is always steaming video in the full original quality, the benefits for having something like this are much more limited.

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For example such an ignorance of this topic which let me think about also unsubscribing (after being an infuse user since the beginning and having just one justified problem):


Same. ISchnatz. There IS alternatives out there.

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What information do you want? The problem is that at the end of some videos, there is a loud and jarring sound played through the app, scaring the hell out of everyone in the house and possibly causing damage to my audio system; it sounds like a square wave. This doesn’t happen with all videos. What kind of diagnostic information can I grab out of Infuse to help you help me, or even just help myself?

Does it happen with any other media player?

Is there anything special about the videos it occurs with? Were they created from the same software or acquired from the same source?

What audio system are you using, and how do you connect to it?

What audio settings have you selected and\or tried on the Apple device running Infuse?

IF @james is unable to give you a solution of the top of his head, I’ve seem him to be very responsive in offering to take a look at any specific video users have issues with (he’ll often offer users a dropbox link and request them send him a copy).

To suggest Firecore isn’t responsive to video/audio playback issues is the absolute furthest thing from the truth in my experience.

Yes, some feature requests do not always get followed up on as quickly as some might like, but that’s because Firecore seems to prioritize flawless playback of everything you can throw at Infuse above all else. That said, he did offer you a logical explanation for why there isn’t much point including display of the data asked for. If you want to know what’s playing, just use “MediaInfo” on your file because that’s what’s playing. Infuse does not transcode. It plays files as is.

You might try using MediaInfo to examine the files giving you audio feedback and seeing if there is anything peculiar about them. Or you can use Audacity to examine the waveforms of the audio tracks themselves (though you might need to use MKVToolNix or similar to separate out the audio).

That sounds like an annoying issue. There’re plenty of people here willing to help you figure it out. :man_shrugging:t3:


Infuse also allows you to easily submit bug reports directly from the app. Or you can post the codes to them here (if requested by Firecore support).

I don’t experience this issue on Plex and Jellyfin on my Apple TV 4K. No issues with Plex on LG WebOS, too. No problems with various players on my Nvidia Shield Pro.

Audio system is a lot of pieces, but the one you’d likely be interested in is my Denon AVR-X4500h receiver. The Apple TV is connected directly to it via HDMI.

System wide audio settings are set to match the content’s dynamic range, auto format and encoding (highest quality).

Nearly 5 years of radio silence isn’t acceptable. Being told that I could use other software to get basic info is not acceptable. Having to to jump onto my computer and SSH into my NAS to get basic diagnostic information when I was just trying to chill on my couch with a TV remote is not acceptable.

Anyways, I’m sure there are plenty of happy Infuse users, but it’s just too opaque for me. I shared feedback as to why it’s not for me, and that’s that. You don’t have to agree. But the fact is, Firecore has not responded to a request that has been getting larger and larger over the span of 5 years. I’ve never seen an active project, whether closed or open source, ever do this.

You posted about an audio issue on Feb 18, 11:04 PM (your timezone may vary), and Firecore’s top guy got back to you the next morning, Feb 19, at 8:54 AM. :roll_eyes:

I think you’ve missed the point. I didn’t cancel my subscription because of this thread. See the link in my first post.

Anyways, I’m just going to unsubscribe from email notifications and bow out of this conversation.


It sounds like this may be a file-specific issue. If you’re interested in troubleshooting this further, I’d encourage you to submit a sample video we can review here. If we’re able to replicate the issue there is a high chance it can be fixed.


I’ve used Infuse for quite a few years, with many popular formats, and have never experienced any kind of noise as experienced here. There was that issue of passthrough a few years back, but that was Apple’s doing, not Firecore’s that caused that feature to stop working. I’ve been pretty happy with Infuse since. I think the only downside is, I can’t play Atmos from TrueHD tracks, but that’s also not Firecore’s problem, that’s Apple’s limitation of not doing audio passthrough.

That’s why I bought a NVIDiA Shield TV, it was the more proactive choice instead of sitting and complaining about Infuse not working the way I would like. So now, I use both devices.

@James have you considered doing an Android TV version of Infuse, it would give people here a passthrough option, if they ran it on the Shield.

There’s a long-running suggestion thread for that here. Like the first post to express support.