Feedback on latest release / playback-engine (5.3 / 5.4 / 5.4.1 / 5.5)

Dear Infuse-team,

first things first, great work & Happy Easter-weekend from far away Germany.

Here are my findings / observations:
Improved 24p-playback
Coverart-storage for large BD-collections (folder, .iso, 3D-.iso) not durable or very slow
Fast forward / rewind within .iso-playback (BD) not working at all

Many thanks for any kind of feedback,


Thanks for the feedback.

Are there any particular ISO titles you are having trouble? We’re looking into a case that is affecting some 3D titles, but would love to know if you’re seeing something different.

For the fastest browsing experience we recommend using the Library. This is an indexed view and will be much faster than just browsing normal folders.

Thank you James.

Indeed, this happens across the board with all 3D-.iso (BD).
If you rewind, FF or simply switch the audio-track, playback defaults w/ error msg…

It appears, that Infuse struggles to re-access an already “running” 3D-.iso-image.

E.g.: MIB 3, Frozen, Avengers (just to name a few)


Thanks for following-up.

It’s likely the same issue we’re seeing here (we’re seeing with in 3D titles like The Wizard of Oz and Dredd).

Have been an early Beta User of Infuse for the ATV4, then i switched over to plex, mostly because of stuttering issues with infuse. Now i thought of trying infuse once again and bought the pro version. What can i say? A lot happened in the past year. Well done, also the playback is really very much improved. So switching from plex to infuse right now again :slight_smile:

Awesome! Glad to hear it’s working so well for you.

More good things coming soon in 5.4 too. :wink:

BD-.iso works fine now. Good job.
3D BD-.iso however still shows the errors illustrated above. Even without rewind / fast-forward / switch of audio-channel playback stops after approx. 10 minutes.

Any news on 3D-.iso playback?

I as well spotted, that the length of video-tracks (given the case, you got multiple), is displayed using approx. 10-digit numbers (seconds?).

How about >hh:mm:ss< instead?

Many thanks,


3D ISOs are still on our radar to address, and we hope to have more news soon.

With regard to timestamps, are the long versions present on all ISOs or just 3D?

I took a screencopy of a random 2D-BD-.iso … very cryptic, long numbers.

Once again, you guys are doing a great job.

Greetings from Germany

We’ll take a look. Thanks!

To narrow down my findings, I created approx. 20 samples of the same 3D-BD-.iso disk.

Once the extracted length exceeds approx. 10 minutes playback struggles (e.g. FF, change of audio).

This equals an .ssif-File (inside the iso) of almost exactly 3.00 GB.

Maybe it helps :slight_smile:

Dear firecore-team,

I still have a solid 0% success-rate on playing 3D-BD-.iso’s flawless (5.5).

Once I …
1.) … switch audio-track …
2.) … rewind or fast-forward …
3.) … or latest after 10 minutes …

… playback defaults.

Any update on this?

This is still on our shortlist of playback quirks to look into. More news soon.

Thanks James for following up on this issue.

If I extract the .iso-content to a regulare folder however (= 3D-BD-.iso), it works flawless.

The root-cause of the error may be accessing the running .iso-image combined with ssif.-files seamlessly branched (“seamless branching”).


Thanks for the info! :slight_smile: