Feedback: Can we *please* disable the "Next Episode" button?

This would be a great convenience feature if it was implemented well, but it isn’t. If there is a post-credits scene in an episode, then “Next Episode” will skip it. additionally, there’s a bug that causes “Next Episode” to randomly trigger if you skip / scrub through any portion of a show (say, opening credits). Both of these things cause annoyances in maybe 1/3 of my viewing experiences. If you can’t do it right, please at least let us make it go away.

Suggestions for doing it right:

  1. if a video file is broken into chapters, then only activate it 5 seconds (or whatever) into the last chapter of the video file.

  2. Don’t select it by default when skipping forward / backward or dragging the playback time. It’s easier to drag up to select something then it is to always have to pay attention when skipping / scrubbing through a file because you never know when the stupid buggy thing will rear its annoying head. Note that this isn’t in any one particular file - I have a collection of thousands of files and it seems to happen in any show.

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