Features: Installation-Do you need to install all components

Do you have to install everything? All components?

Or can you just install what you need? I would just like the 3 features listed below - is this possible?

  • FTP/SFTP/SSH Access - Transfer files to and from your AppleTV
  • NitoTV - Play DVD files, enable USB storage and much more
  • Couch Surfer Pro - Powerful Safari based web browser



Oh, and 2 more questions:

  1. Will it work if your AppleTV is set for ‘streaming’?
  2. If you have multiple AppleTV’s do you need 2 licenses? And if so, do you have ‘multi-pak’ pricing?


No, not all components are required. You can pick and choose what you want, and if desired easily add/remove items through the Maintenance menu.

Regarding licensing, a single copy of aTV Flash can be installed on as many AppleTVs as you own.


Looks like aTV Flash will have a new customer as soon as I clear some time to get this installed

Thank you!

One other thing …

Are they planning on adding support for a Keyboard – I saw on the website that you can add a wireless mouse (any suggestions? the new one from Apple?) as I’m not even going to try web surfing unless I can connect a real Keyboard and Mouse. Currently I don’t have an iPhone and I have an older iPOD Video.


I run it with a Logitech Dinovo Edge bluetooth keyboard, works just fine!

The current version of the Logitech Dinovo Bluetooth Keyboard for MAC no longer comes with the Dongle. So how do you enable Bluetooth on the AppleTV in order to pair with the Dinovo Keyboard? Is this possible or will I need to return the unit for one with a dongle.



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