Features I would like to see

  1. Auto download subtitles (only if a really good match is found) in the background.

  2. Info about video. I would love to see frame rate and encoding data not just in the cover page but in the info page that you scroll down during video.

  3. Smarter positioning of subtitles at the bottom of the video.

  4. More effective way to switch between subtitles and correct sync on the fly.

  5. Preview box during scrolling through video. Basically same as Netflix.

If subtitles position is configurable then I don’t mind having an option to position them at the bottom of the video but I do not want this to become the only option. This is the only reason I dumped Shield TV and started using Apple TV with Infuse. I hated subtitles covering the video content when you got so much empty space with black bars showing at the top and the bottom of the screen. I still don’t understand why someone would want to display subtitles inside the video frame instead of the black bar.

clearly, I’m talking about this as an option in addition to what’s already available.

this is primarily relevant to people who have projectors…

My current wish list is:

  • Support for multiple format of a film (especially including 3D) [I believe that this might be currently in progress … but not sure about the 3D part]
  • Allow movie filter ‘By Release Date’ to be changed to by year rather than by decade (needed for large movie libraries )
  • Sort Collections into some sort of order … alphabetical would work for me (current random order is useless on large movie libraries)
  • Allow multiple filters to be applied (so I can do things like Top Rated unwatched Sci-Fi films in 2016 & 2017)
  • Displaying information about multi-episode TV episodes.
  • Multi-part Films (ie where film has been split into multiple parts)

This is of course as well as everything on the OP list.