Feature to change video streaming quality on Infuse

Hello, I’ve been trying to request this feature to Infuse by contacting them by email, and they still didn’t respond after 2 emails sent. Anyway, I just wanted to suggest a feature which allows users to change video streaming quality (or change maximum bitrate) when watching a movie or TV Show, and this would be really useful for people with slow internet connection, like me.

I’m currently using a home media server (Emby) on the Beta version of Infuse Pro 6.4, and whenever I play a movie, it just keeps buffering and loading the video (in the highest quality) as I’m watching, and it’s really annoying. Unlike Infuse, the Emby app itself allows you to change the maximum bitrate, which in other terms helps you change the video streaming quality.

Personally, I think Infuse has a better interface than the Emby app. However, the Emby app has way more features. So I hope someday, if you (Infuse Team) ever respond to me (because right now you’re not responding to any of my emails for whatever reason), you could add that same feature (change the video streaming quality or change maximum bitrate) in future updates of Infuse, and it would really be appreciated for many people. Thank you


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