feature suggestion - sapphire

I like the sapphire browser very much. Here are some suggestions to make it -in my opinion- even better:

  1. There are now only 3 colour gems: red blue yellow. Yeollow for the “favorits”. I would like to have more colours:
    Favorites for my kids, favorites for my wife, my favorites etc.

  2. It is now possible to select on a movie by genre, director, actor etc. If you could order it by year, this would be great!

  3. The average user rating is shown for each movie from IMDB.com. On this website it is possible to create an account and add your own movie lijst and add your own rating to it.
    It would be great if you could link Sapphire to this account. In this way you could rate the move from your AppleTV and add it to “my movies” list on IMDB.com

4 )Link Sapphire to Facebook. After you have watched a movie, you can post it on your Facebook page (with movieposter) and recommend it to your friends

Those are pretty good. I would like to see it also have:

  • Spotlight Style search: just select a text entry above the list and enter in what you are looking for. This would make it much easier when someone has a big library like I do.
  • More sorting options: Such as a list where it's sorted by date added so the newest videos are at the top. This kind of goes with number two on your list except yours is for movie year(?) and not file date.

i want the ability to select where sapphire looks for my files such as tv shows and moves. doing a generic search is sometimes painful. 

when i search for tv details i want to just search a certain folder for tv shows that will be updated…

also add French IMDB (and other localization) will be a must for non US/UK customer