Feature suggestion - More buffering


I mentioned in another message that I’d just started to use File Browser from Stratospherix. It has a nice feature that would be good for infuse. I’ve no idea if this is feasible in Infuse or if it is planned for a future version. File Browser is not primarily a media player but it can play audio files and MP4 videos. When playing a video it buffers about 1 minute ahead. This can be seen in a similar way to how You Tube shows a video being buffered slightly ahead of where you’re currently playing. In the File Browser media player, this means you can play an MP4 file from your NAS and the buffering allows instant scroll forwards provided you keep within the 1 minute (ish) buffer. In Infuse, the moment I try to move forwards even very slightly in a video, I have to wait a few seconds for it to start. Those few seconds can be anything from (say) 3 to 10 seconds. 

So it would be a wonderful feature when playing a remote video such as from a NAS to buffer a configurable amount so that you can play a bit then jump forwards a bit and play a bit more and have all this instantly due to using a large buffer. Obviously, if you play little and jump a lot you’ll jump to the end of the buffer and get delays again. Same delays of course would occur if you jump beyond the end of the buffer. With massive amounts of storage on devices like iPads and playing everything remotely as I tend to do, I would be able to have a buffer longer than any video I’m playing. It obviously depends on whether the wifi and processor can be buffering significantly while playing.