Feature suggestion: Airplay for ATV 1G

So I just upgraded my iPad to iOS 4.2, only to find that Airplay doesn’t stream to the 1st Gen ATV. I know you’re [understandably] focused on the 2G unit at the moment, but if there were a way this could be added to the old box, that would be awesome. I’m already seeing lots of disgruntled owners on the Apple support discussions because of this obvious snub of 1G users.



I just sent a message asking for this exact feature.   

Theres a ten page rant on the apple support forum demanding this feature. http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=12681988#12681988

I'm sure most all atvFlash users would appreciate it, and most potential customers would love this feature. 


(this lack of Airplay is pretty much the only that makes me want to ditch my 6 month old 1st gen apple tv) 


I’ll second, third, fourth, nth that! There is also a buried post here under Airplay for iPad with several requests for Airplay for the old “white” V1 AppleTV…

Firecore-I know you’ve been spending a lot of time on the new “black” beta for the V2 AppleTV and iOS, but please don’t leave your longtime “white” ATV users in the dust! Airplay functionality for the older AppleTVs is in HUGE demand!

What about customers that bought extra years of support for ATVFlash on Apple TV G1?
Can they expect any support in the future?

I'm would like to see this feature on Apple TV 1g. Ive updated to lifetime subscription, I hope you guys can deliver Airplay for the 1G? My airport Express shows up but no apple TV? It must be blocked by apple to make all us 1g customers go to 2g.

so all of us who have the white apple tv are screwed? nice.