Feature requests

Hello fireCore-Team,

First of all I would like to thank you for the great application. It really works great. I use the Pro version on my Apple TV 4 every day and cannot wait for Infuse 4 to be ready for iOS.

There are just a couple of things I would like to request:

1.) Meta-data and progress sync:
Since I watch on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV it would be great if the viewing progress per Movie could be synced accross the devices. Furthermore if I correct the meta data assignment on one movie on the Apple TV, I also have to correct it on all other devises manually as well. Very cumbersome. Would be great if this could be synced as well.

2.) Movie Grouping:
I have a few movies in different version e.g. Gladiator (Cinema vs Extended Edition), The Lord of the Rings (Cinema vs Extended Edition), Avatar (Cinema vs Director vs Extended Edition). They all show up seperatly in my overview with same cover and title. It would be great if those versions could be grouped very similar to TV Series but instead of selecting an episode number I would select a cut version of the movie.

3.) Simple language selection:
My wife and I use the same Apple TV indenpendently from each other. I usually watch movies in English, she watches them in German. This means we can not really use the default languge setting of Infuse because it is different for each of us. We always have to select the language after the movie started and also make sure we select the right “forced” subtitle track to go with it. Could you add a small language pop-up before starting the move (similar to the “resume” or “restart” dialog)? Blu-Rays and DVDs often have a very similar screen, where you select the language for the entire disk right at the start. Depending on the selected language it would automatically select the proper Audio Stream and Subtitle Stream (Forced or Standard) depending on the file’s config.

4.) Sort order:
It would be great if we can have a seperate “Sort title” field so we could order moves like the James Bond Series, the Harry Potter Series, Star Wars, and so on in the chronological order and not the alphabetical.

5.) Mac Version:
Once 1.) is fullfilled and meta data and progress can by synced it would be great to also watch my movies on my Mac using Infuse instead of VLC. Of course I would pay again for this new plattform.

6.) Parental control:
Allow movies to be restricted with a specific password based on special age restrictions to ensure kids have only access to the appropriate movies.

7.) Enhanced sorting:
Would be great if we could also group movies by Genre, Year etc. I have quite a lot of movies now and it would be great if they could be searched/discovered more easily.

Please tell me what you think!

Kind regards,

Hello Infuse Team,

a couply of things:

  • Will there be some feedback about the requests above?
  • Could you maybe create a more sophisticated feature request tool which ensures that not each request is posted multiple times in different threads and subforums. I found a few of mine above also elswhere.
  • A voting system for ideas/feature requests would be nice so requests liked most have the highest chance of beeing implemented
  • A feature roadmap would be nice which will indicate wich feature might come in which relase

Keep up the great work! I love Infuse and I think it has even greater potential!

Please allow us to remove the “Recently Added” list from TV and Movies on the iOS app. This would reduce unneeded clutter…

Thank you!

You’re allowed. Managing Favorites & Lists – Firecore

Just scroll down to the section on removing favorites and lists and follow the instructions.

Unfortunately this only works on Apple TV you can’t remove recently added from the iOS app. The option is grayed out.