Feature Requests


I have been using Infuse the Apple TV2 now for a few months and I think its great. I used to use XBMC before but found it to be quite slow and bugy. It used to crash alot. Infuse is so reliable. Never crashes, is fast a snappy and best of all has the look and feel of the rest of the Apple TV apps. 

Despite this I think there is certainly room for improvement. Overtime I have come into situations where I wished Infuse was able to do things that currently isn’t supported. So here is a little feature request list.

  1. Recently Added Option - When I add a lot of movies in one go I often forget some of them and find my self searching the entire library.

  2. Movie Previews/Trailers - This was actually one of the better features of XBMC. If you have family/friends round to watch a movie, it comes in really handy if people haven’t heard of a film.

  3. Similar Titles - This would be nice when you select a movie and get the movie info page, to have the option to view similar titles, titles by the same actor etc.

  4. Letter indication at the side when scrolling fast through titles - I find it hard to know where I am when scrolling. If I am looking for something beginning with M for example. Instead of scrolling a bit, stopping to see where I am scrolling more etc. It would be nice if an A, B, C, D etc apearred to let you know that where you are, so when I see the M appear I can stop and I’m at the films starting wiht M.

  5. Date and time - Just nice to know the time sometimes

  6. Web interface - This would be really cool and make setup so much easier for the tech people out there. An ability to export a config file as well would be useful if like me you have multiple Apple TV’s running Infuse.

  7. Better scanning options - Instead of daily scanning, how about hourly, everyt fifteen minutes, 5 minutes etc?

  8. Movie Artwork closer on title view and get more content on the screen - There is a little bit too much black space in my opinion.

  9. Multiple filters for Favourites - For example, if I want to create a Favorite that is animated, only for kids, and only certificate U. At the minute we can’t do that. That would be nice.

  10. Better year options - Currently we only have 2010+. Can we get a specific year search. 2012, 2013 etc…

Thanks for reading and please keep up the good work.

Damien Butt

I kind of agree on some of your points, and maybe solve some?

  1. isnt there an option for showing either recently watched or newly added in the settings

  2. I use the Ipad with IMDB. Never did use the feature in XBMC either.

  3. Yse this would be handy.

  4. If the last item added isnt scanned yet I will just browse via My Files and watch it from there

  5. I did make an own folder for my daughter and favourited that.

  6. YES. This would be handy. I do like the XBMC where you can sort by date, and have the neweston top.