Feature requests of a possible Kodi defector


currently I use Infuse pro on our family ipad with a wifi hdd to entertain my daughters, e.g. on longer car rides.
At home I still run a small HTPC with Kodi (OpenElec, Aeon Nox theme). Mostly my kids movies (maaany…) and their tv shows, and a variegated bunch of family movies (to support the woman acceptance factor). Although very nice and highly customizable Kodi is rather bloated for my usage scenario.

Because we also have a Apple TV 4 now I wanted to simplify things and move to Infuse on tvOS.

There are currently two points which I used to have in Kodi and I’d love to see in Infuse Pro:

  • Movie Sets: themoviedb.org already has metadata support for movie sets. Instead of listing all four Ice Age movies in the long list of movies there is an entry for the Ice Age Collection, and clicking on it expands it to the four movies (like a fake tv show with four episodes)
  • List View with covers: In Kodi/Aeon Nox there is a very nice list view. On the left of the screen you have the titles of the movies (and movie sets), and on the right is the cover of the currently highlighted movie. I.e. like this screenshot The same for tv shows. The left side shows the episode titles, the right side the episode image, like this screenshot

Is there any hope these points are integrated into Infusion someday?

Thanks in advance

Best regards


List view is something we currently have on our roadmap, and collections is something we’re hoping to look at as well.

Both of these are additions that we’re hoping to address once we’ve implemented Library View, which is currently planned for 4.2.

Thanks for considering Infuse!