Feature requests... Extras, add sort 'by resolution' in MacOS version, alphabet quick-bar in library view

Hi -

I know these have likely been mentioned, so I’ll be brief. And I know maybe some of these are already available and maybe I just didn’t see the setting, so please feel free to make fun of me and let me know how to turn them on if you want :rofl:

Would love to see…

  1. My “extras” visible from my Plex library folders.

  2. Sort media by video resolution in the MacOS version like you can on the AppleTV version. Trying to weed out my 720p files.

  3. Please add a vertical alphabet on the right or left in the ‘Movies’ library to allow quick jumps to different parts of the (Plex) movie library - seems like the only way to get deeper into the library is to scroll down through every single title, slow even in grid mode.

Thank you for your time -


The search function in the suggestions forum is your friend! :wink:



This way we don’t end up with duplicate suggestions and end up splitting the support among multiple requests for the same thing.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in those threads to show your support for those suggestions! :wink:

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Thanks for the reply! I knew I couldn’t be alone in these requests. I’ll go add my “likes” on those 2017 threads. :wink: