Feature request VPN client - Netflix outside USA

I live in Denmark and have used Netflix heavily on my mac for some time (trough vpn). I would love if a VPN client was added to aTV Flash. I would like to propose that everyone who agrees states so in the comments, with the purpose of bringing this to the attention of fire core.

Regard Andreas

i second that!

You can use your mac as VPN gateway for ATV2 or buy a dedicated router compatible with dd-wrt firmware which has a VPN client built in. To use VPN from your Mac - go to sharing and share your VPN connection in Internet Sharing. On ATV2 configure TCP/IP manually and point it to your local Mac IP as gateway. Connect to VPN on Mac and you will then be able to use Netflix. 

I should properly have specified this in the first post. I don’t have access to ethernet, this is due to an idiotic decision my dad made when completely refurbish our apartment. To make a long story short, I really need it to either be on my router or on the ATV. I thought about using dd-wrt before, however my router isn’t supported so I’m out of luck. I know my case is quite odd, however I think having having VPN on aTV is the best solution anyway.

Thanks for you response though :slight_smile:

could you elaborate, please? :)

I believe it will work over Wi-Fi as well

I might be wrong but as far as I know you cannot use the same networkcard to both broadcast and receive an internet connection. So you either need ethernet in the aTV or you Mac to share the internet connection successfully.

iBabi: A tutorial to share a vpn connection from your mac to your aTV can be found here http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=12475217

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Actually, you connect both ATV and Mac to router via Wi-Fi but in TCP/IP settings in ATV you put your Mac as Gateway and your router will wirelessly send ATV via your Mac so you use the same connection. I tried it and it works. 

There is no need to use VPN if you use UnoTelly. UnoTelly.com offers the same benefit of a VPN but without the need dialing. You can watch Netflix, Hulu or any other things.


Disclaimer, I work for the parent company that produces the above product so I might be biased but give it a try. I wouldn’t promote it if UnoTelly wasn’t good.