Feature Request: TVHeadend Support

I was wondering if we could please get TVHeadend support in Infuse. It would allow me to finally use Infuse as my only media player. If you could also setup Manual and Season Pass Recording in the app that would be a bonus.

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Are you looking to access the live streams? or just your already DVRd shows? If you have a NAS and have a recordings folder, you should be able to point it to there. I think with the DVR service, it may be best to use something else, Ive been using Channels, with my HDHomerun successfully. if you notice, even with DVR apps they are not “easy” to put together. It would be cool to have it, but I wouldn’t want it at the sacrifice of other functions\features.

I want to access Live Streams in Infuse and as a bonus be able to record/set season recordings from Infuse.

With TVHeadend, Infuse developers won’t have start from scratch. All Infuse would have to do is point to the TVHeadend server. I think coding for it would be minimal.

Just look at the TVHeadEnd server module for Kodi/MrMc. The developers could browse the code in the module and I bet 100% they would know exactly what to do without much time/resources invested.

I would really really love to be able to just use Infuse for Movies/TV Shows and Live TV.

And the reason I don’t want to use the channels app is because it doesn’t come with guide data and you cant start recordings. You have to pay 8 dollars a month for that. With TVheadend, guide data can be setup for free. Infuse devs wouldnt have to do any grunt work to get it working either. Its all prebuilt.

Firecore developers. Your in luck!

This tvheadend client for iOS and tvOS: http://tvhclient.com/

Has there full source code released on github!

Source code: GitHub - kodi-pvr/pvr.hts: Kodi's Tvheadend HTSP client addon

There is also the TVHeadend plug-in for Kodi/MrMC which has its full source code available on Github as well!

Source code: GitHub - kodi-pvr/pvr.hts: Kodi's Tvheadend HTSP client addon

That means you can see exactly how these developer interact with the tvheadend server/software to stream Live TV and do DVR recordings. Could you guys please take a look and see what you think about officially supporting TVHeadend?

I second this request. This would make Infuse the center of my media consumption – right now I have it split between Infuse Pro (recorded) and Channels (live). Integration of live TV into Infuse Pro would be awesome.

The m3u playlist support would be a killer feature, connecting to the TVHeadend instance would be good too, but maybe it is enough to add compatibility to m3u playlist and then export m3u from tvheadend and import to Infuse.

I started a ticket a while ago and it got closed without being resolved. It has to do with UPnP/ DLNA.
Infuse version 4 worked with the HD Homerun Extend (H.264 stream) and broke in the update to 5.
FYI: I have stopped paying to use this app until this issue is resolved.
TIA for looking into this issue, again.

I didn’t have to pay any extra for the guide. The app was $25, which I payed a long time ago, but nothing after that. The only reason I use channels is for the tv guide.

I think the $8/mo is for the DVR service.


I am also very interested in this feature, I would be very grateful!

…so? There is something that we can do for having support for Tvheadend?