Feature Request: Select latest Unwatched TV show

So I think it would be good if when I go in to TV and select a program, then select the series it should auto select the last Unwatched episode. Currently takes me in to the folder and selects episode 1. I then have to swipe down and keep swiping right till I get to the one with the orange circle. Would make more sense for infuse to auto select the last Unwatched / part watch episode as the stating point.

Kind Regards


for me if I go into a TV season InFuse shows the first unwatched episode in the top part of the screen so I can just click on the trackpad to start playing it. What it does NOT do is autoscroll the bottom part so that episode is visible (although apparently that will be coming). If after watching an episode you press the Menu key to exit back to the list of Seasons and then click to go back into the season you will find that the next unplayed episode is ready to be played by clicking on the trackpad.

Thanks for the comments, I guess I may not have been paying too much attention and expecting the shelf to scroll along to the first Unwatched episode. I will have a play tomorrow and report back how I get on.