Feature Request: Remember menu locations

I have shortcuts set up for my wife to watch a few tv series and i frequently leave the menu system to go to another part of the filesystem i have in place. I’d love it if when I went back, the menus were automatically set into the position where I hit the “menu” button.


For example:


Sex & The City

-> Season 1

-> Season 2

-> EP 1

-> EP 2

-> EP 3

-> Season 3


If i’m on Season 2, EP 2, and i hit the menu button up three levels to leave the Sex and the City and go to another area of the file system, when i go BACK to that menu, I’d like the menu to have Season 2 automatically selected and then when i hit the center button to select it, it has Episode 2 automatically selected.


This is the only thing that i miss from XBMC on my aTV - remembering previous menu positions. If this feature is added, it’ll be PERFECT! I love this so much more than XBMC other than this minor annoyance.