[Feature Request] Overscan adjustment

I just bought an ATV4 and was horrified to discover that there is no way to correct the significant overscan that the ATV4 has with my 5-year-old Sony LCD. Apple doesn’t provide overscan correction and neither do Plex nor Infuse. My TVs picture adjustments also can’t correct the overscan. What is needed are finer picture adjustments in the ATV or in the video apps. Interestingly, my ATV2 doesn’t have these overscan issues.

I prefer Infuse to Plex, but it would be even better with overscan adjustment capabilities. Is this a possibility? Apparently MrMC has this ability.

Any possibility of overscan picture adjustments being added?

I have the same problem. Samsung 40" LDC
Picture too big.
Nothing in Apple TV will make it smaller.
Neither any adjustment in Infuse Pro.
How can I solv this?