Feature Request - Operator Manual

I would like to see a manual which has instructions for all of the features of aTV Flash

Add me to the list of people that would like to see this user manual for aTV!

I would second this.

A user has to go through all the threads in Knowledgebase to get to the right procedure.
May I request you to maintain something like a wiki also and update the procedure as users post corrections.

Yes I too would like a pdf manual. I have been printing out things and then running to the other room where my ATV is and running back to print more. It would be nice to print a manual with updates from time to time and maybe a integrated new manual with a full revision upgrade. I can wish!! Thanks and keep up the great work!

Please do not include black or very dark portions on screen shots in your online manuals, directions, or wikis. I like to print them for reference when at my TV and AppleTV, and the dark areas gobble expensive printer ink.