Feature request - mpls support

All of my backups are full disc backups. jriver plays these back with full menus without issue but the cool feature they have is ability to create a particle which is a reference to a specific mpls (playlist) to play back a title directly. this removes need to remux, and supports seamless branching, etc.

since infuse can play back from bluray (which is painfully slow to start) i assume by attempting to find the correct playlist - could you allow users to create a static reference to the actual playlist we want and then add that to the library? for example the reference could be a simple file dropped into the root of the bdmv folder that essentially says “play this mpls” instead of parsing and attempting to figure out the correct one


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Ideally, any solution would support more than 1 mpls in the same folder to support ripped Blurays of TV episode discs.

Great point!

And in fact if they supported JR libraries, those libraries for those of us who use particles already have all the MPLS references set up.

(Saw your other post re: Media Center libraries)

I use JR Media Center all the time - it supports everything including full menu support… but no native app/player for Apple TV; even their own Android version does not support ISO/Bluray folder/mpls playback like their desktop app does. This is that gap I’d love to solve without having to rip to mkv as I prefer full backups of discs.