Feature Request Ideas

I think infuse is definitely the best movie player on iOS. You cant tell a lot of love has gone into the program.I have a couple of feature requests the team might want to consider:

  1. Gapless playback.
    The reason is that the flickering between episodes can be very startling between the flash of black and the episode text

  2. A control to dump the metadata of a specific movie file to an xml file
    The reason for this is sometimes you may have multiple versions of a movie and it would give a great starting place for tweaking the metadata instead of having to start from scratch,.

My two cents. Great work on the product though!

There’s a sub forum just for suggestions here.

When you post there it’s a good Idea to do one idea per post that way others can show their support for specific ideas by liking the first post in each thread.

Thanks for the ideas! :+1:

EDIT TO ADD: When you go to the Suggestions catagory there’s a magnifying glass search at the top you can use to see if there may be an already running thread for your requests that you can add your support to. :wink:

Thank you!

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